Mountaintop Wellness is a full-spectrum CBD company based in the high desert of New Mexico, providing CBD tinctures, salves, and edibles.


Mountaintop Wellness is committed to the highest standards of quality, transparency, and honesty. We utilize third-party accredited laboratories to deliver results you can trust and products you can purchase with confidence. We go beyond in-house testing in order to avoid any possible conflict of interest.


Our formulations have been developed to provide you with total peace of mind. We believe that material sourcing and testing should do the same.


We sympathize with those in our community who have complicated medical histories. We have had the opportunity to meet many individuals seeking relief for their or their loved one’s afflictions. Mountaintop Wellness is committed to maintaining our promises and making our products accessible to everyone who needs them.


Please reach out to us if we can do more for you, our neighbor.


Our community grows when we take care of each other. Let’s grow together.